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  • DANGER OF FALLING FROM ABOVE: : One of the most frequent risks in loading docks is falling from the edge of the quay. This can occur due to slippery surfaces, open doors, sudden restart of the vehicle or even just due to inattention.
  • DANGER OF CRUSHING: Another recurring danger that can have very serious consequences is the danger of crushing. The reversing vehicle has reduced visibility and personnel may be between the vehicle and the loading dock.
  • DANGER OF SUDDEN RESTART OF THE VEHICLE: In addition to those listed above, the danger of forklifts falling may occur if there is a sudden restart of the vehicle. The danger of sudden removal of the vehicle can be caused by the carelessness of the driver who puts the vehicle back in gear or even by moving the vehicle slowly forward due to the continuous entry and exit of the pallet trucks during loading operations.
Certainly, some of these products can be a valid help in avoiding these dangers:
  • WHEEL LOCK DEVICES: Intelligent wedge. It allows you to lock the truck wheel to avoid unwanted and therefore dangerous movement
  • TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEMS: They regulate the traffic inside a warehouse
  • LIGHTING SYSTEMS: The lights that illuminate the interior of the truck to facilitate loading and unloading
  • VENTILATION SYSTEMS: Allows air to be recycled inside the truck and promotes better working conditions for loading and unloading goods when the outside temperatures are particularly high and the air humid
  • PADS: Placed close to the flap, they prevent the truck from causing damage to the flap itself as well as crashing. Furthermore, depending on the distance of the flap, they are valid supports to avoid fatal accidents.

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