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Transportation Systems

The product

The products that OASI s.r.l. offers for loading and unloading trucks are of different types.
All of them offer excellent performance, thus solving problems that are faced daily during hazards of loading and unloading goods. In this way, it is possible to increase the safety status of workers and improve the working conditions which thus benefit their health. We satisfy the needs of our customers, according to the size and weight of packages and to space availability.

These are the products OASI offers:

  • Telescopic conveyors. They have the advantage of taking up little space and are transportable within the building.
  • Extensible roller conveyor. The extendable roller conveyors work by gravity, with electricity. The extendable roller conveyor can obtain important degrees of curvature. It is light and flexible. The elongation can be performed by a single operator.

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