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The company Omega Alfa Soluzioni Integrate srl (OASI s.r.l.) was established on 9th July 2021 and was set up in a difficult historical context for the whole world: the Covid-19 pandemic. Adrian Medina’s entrepreneurial attitude brought about a change of life that he wanted to share with Ivana Capra.

Adrian’s experience and his deep knowledge of the safety market of logistics for loading and unloading goods and of automatic warehouses system have allowed the beginning of a new company that was set up for the desire to use what we know and what we have to improve our world.


OASI s.r.l.

The name of the company Omega Alfa Soluzioni Integrate (OASI) evokes the certainty that after the end (Omega), there is always the possibility of a new beginning (Alpha).

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Omega Alfa Soluzioni Integrate s.r.l.

Omega Alfa Soluzioni Integrate s.r.l.

proposes itself to the end customer, by giving support with many solutions that can be integrated with each other within the same logistic unit (Integrated Solutions). It relies on Italian and foreign companies that have excellent products to better help the end customer who needs to make his own employees work safely and be more efficient. An OASIS as a source of beauty in the logistics sector


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