Project Description

Loading Bays

The product

Loading and unloading bays are equipment designed and built to facilitate the loading / unloading of vehicles in loading bay. The purposes for setting up an area for loading and unloading adequately are the following ones:

In order to achieve these purposes, OASI s.r.l. offers the following products:

  • Dock leveller in Aluminium and Steel (electro-hydraulic, manual fixed, movable and mobile, connecting to the ground),
  • Mini aluminium ramps
  • Dock shelter
  • Inflatable dock shelter
  • External dock leveller 90 °, 30 °, 45 ° 60 ° or special
  • Noise reduction treatment

Safety systems

Double hinge lip

Double hinge lip. (The Double hinge lip allows you to have 50cm of ease in the event that the truck reverses without seeing the man who is leaning against the platform.
These 50 cms are visible in the photo and allow to save the life of a man who, if he did not have them, would be crushed by the truck).

rampa-a-doppio-snodo-omega alfa

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The target

Again, the goal of OASI s.r.l. is to verify the customer’s needs and offer the best solution available.
The aluminium ramps on the market, in addition to being effective and efficient, are still made with recyclable and therefore ecological material.

The loading docks leveller can have as complementary products the isothermal portals such as:

  • Dock shelter
  • Cushion dock shelter
  • Inflatable dock shelter

In addition, the loading bays can also be completed with EXTERNAL DOCK LEVELLER. These systems are prefabricated structures that are installed to create new loading points without making adaptive works in the logistics warehouses. They do not clutter up the spaces inside the warehouse and offer great energy savings as the shed is closed by the industrial door and the whole structure with the loading ramp remains outside. The extra-bench structures are made with steel structures with height-adjustable feet to ensure a good adaptation to the external ground.



OASi s.r.l.

is able to develop special tailored-made products for customers


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