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The product

Cargo sorting systems assist in the handling of trays / containers for air transport.
These systems help the operator in moving during the receiving and shipping phase through lifting platforms equipped with spheres and / or pivoting wheels that adapt to the height of the airport truck or dolly.
The sorting plan allows the displacement of these UDCs (loading units) of large dimensions and high weight towards the interior or towards the loading point of the Warehouse to proceed with the unpacking / packaging of the UDCs.
Unpacking / packaging is carried out with platforms that regulate the height of the loading point of the packages by making the operators work in ergonomics respecting the regulations in force.
The weighing stations are positioned in strategic points of the system to check the correct weight of the packages.
The systems can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic according to the customer’s needs.
OASI studies and supplies tailor-made systems for every need of our customers

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