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High Speed ​​Doors

The product

A high-speed door is a high-speed door intended for intensive use. OASI s.r.l. offers SELF-REPAIRING doors, designed to have a stronger tooth and guarantee better performance both uphill and downhill.
It is made with a structure completely in aluminium with modular fixing slots, light weight, easy to transport and to install. The uprights are made of polizene in a self-repairing version for simplified and less expensive maintenance. The aluminium shaft is already prepared to insert the sheet and this makes assembly very easy. The fixing plates are in aluminium maintaining the constructive philosophy of the whole door. The sheet has the particularity of being welded and reinforced with compensators inserted according to the size and use. In addition, the rapid doors offered by OASI s.r.l., are ideal for controlled-temperature WAREHOUSES, have a heated polizene guide, an insulated PVC sheet, a heating plate and a gasket system for air tightness

Quick doors for cold weather (Bi port)

Quick doors for cold weather (Bi port).
The Biport is a patented product created by combining a rapid door and a sliding door. Its strength lies in the guide of the roll-up door, which is made from the same frame as the refrigerator door. This allows you to position all the components of the shutter outside the cell, thus avoiding problems of condensation, ice or frost even on the sheet that remains collected in the shaft outside the cell once the cell is at rest.

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